17 Interesting Destinations make you want to Visit Nusa Penida, Bali

Visiting Bali will make you even more excited because there is Nusa Penida there.

Nusa Penida is so beautiful. Why potato chips are awesome?

Nusa Penida, which is still a “virgin”, holds so many unique natural beauties. You have to visit and enjoy the amazing scenery.

There are at least 17 interesting destinations that will make you want to immediately visit the island with the nickname The Golden Egg of Bali.

These destinations has 3 regional categories, namely in the West, South and East. All destinations are very instagramable ? Want to know what these 17 destinations are, here are the details.

1 Pasih Uug (Broken Beach)

Pasih Uug or often also called Broken Beach is one of the must-visit destinations in Nusa Penida.

The beach that has a hollow bridge in the middle is so beautiful with a stretch of turquoise sea views around it.

Enjoying the beauty of Broken Beach is better in the morning or even during the day because local people say if we are lucky we can see first hand stingrays and dolphins swimming wildly in this sea.

2 Angel’s Billabong

Located not far from Pasih Uug, Angel’s Billabong also has its own beauty. Angel’s Billabong is a natural infinity pool where this pool is a natural pond where river water empties before ending in the ocean. This pool is surrounded by different colored rocks in every different place.

The water in this natural pool is also very clear and you can swim down there. It’s just that, don’t come in June if you want to enjoy the clear water of this pond because the east wind from Australia is on the island of Bali.

Therefore the waves are very high and we are not allowed to go down and swim down, worried about being pulled into the sea so that it can threaten safety.

No wonder, because of its beauty, Angel’s Billabong is called the Primadona of Nusa Penida.

3 Kelingking Secret Point

Pinkie Beach which looks more like the Tyrannosaurus Rex than this little finger also offers a view that is equally beautiful.

Called the secret point because it used to be, the beauty of Pinkie Beach can only be enjoyed from a distance or from a secret point made by local people.

However, as time went on precisely since last year, the way was opened to be able to go down and be able to immediately enjoy the beach and play on the sand.

Unique cliff views, smooth white sand, and blue sea produces spectacular scenery.

4 Pohon Cinta

In the Kelingking Secret Point area, there is a dead tree commonly referred to as the Love Tree.

From this tree you can enjoy the beauty of the blue sea which seems to blend with the blue sky. Not only that, you can also see Tebing Banah very clearly from here.

5 Paluang Cliff

Paluang Cliff is also quite close from the Kelingking Secret Point area. By using a motorcycle for about 7 minutes, you can arrive at this location.

Paluang Cliff itself is a spot that allows visitors to be able to see the cliffs / rocks found on Pinkie Beach.

It can be said that Paluang Cliff is a hidden spot to be able to see the beauty of the rocks in Kelingking Beach from a different perspective aka from behind. Paluang Cliff is one of the best spots to watch the sunset.

6 Banah Beach

Banah Beach is an object that is enough to steal the attention of Nusa Penida. Actually there is no beach here, there are only cliffs in the middle of the ocean. But the local people more often refer to the term cliffs as the name Banah Beach.

The most famous cliff is the one that has a large hole in the middle caused by the impact of hard waves.

Although the cliff is formed from limestone but there are plants that thrive on it, giving a beautiful view that contrasts with the blue sea when viewed from a distance.

7 Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is one of the spots that you must visit while on Nusa Penida. The appearance at a glance looks like a beach in Ancol. This beach is already commercial because of easy access, the number of shops, and the crowds of visitors.

Among the beaches on Nusa Penida, indeed the most famous Crystal Bay, it’s no wonder this beach is so commercial.

Here you can enjoy the sunset and enjoy the white sand combined with turquoise green sea water, very beautiful!

8 Tembeling Water Springs

Nusa Penida is not only rich in beaches but also springs, one of which is Tembeling Springs. Located in the middle of a forest not too far from the beach area, you need to walk about 60 minutes from the public parking lot because the roads are still ugly.

Initially, this spring was discovered accidentally by a pregnant mother (pregnant in Balinese language).

He looked for the cow that was not visible until it finally strayed into this forest, because of this the name of this spring was called Tembeling.

Before these springs are famous as they are now and become tourist attractions, this place used to be used as a source of drinking water for local residents because the water is clear. In addition, this spring also functions as a place for religious rituals.

The most important thing is that these springs can only be used by men either for bathing or swimming.

Women can only bathe or just play water in a small pool that is not too far from the spring.

9 Seganing Waterfall

Seganing Waterfall has a view that is no less beautiful with super clear water. For tourists who like fishing can do it here.

But to get to this place you must first pass through a narrow road on the edge of a very steep cliff and there are parts of the road.

Not only that, the waves crashing into the cliffs make the road tremble.

No wonder so knowing this fact, many tourists discouraged being able to stop by. Travelers who are afraid of heights are not recommended to stop by this place.

10 Peguyangan Waterfall & Water Springs

Seganing Waterfall has a beautiful view with super clear water. For tourists who like fishing can do it here.

But there is a narrow road on the road that is very narrow and has only been traversed by crawling through thickets.

Not only that, the waves crash into the cliffs using the road tremble.

No wonder so knowing this fact, there are many risks that must be carried out. Travelers who are afraid of heights are not recommended to stop by this place.

The scenery given is also not playful because in front of you is clearly visible the sea is clear.

Not only natural pools, here there are also holy springs that can be used for drinking, a gate that can be used as a photo spot, and also a temple for residents who can be used to pray for those of you who are Hindus.

In addition, the falling waterfall also directly into the open ocean gives a stunning natural show.

In order to arrive at this place you must be in a fit condition because the road is so steep and dangerous.

Trekking is also far away because you need to go through about 870 steps, and those who are afraid of heights are not advised to visit this place.

The important thing to remember is for female tourists who are menstruating it is strictly forbidden to be close to the spring, it is forbidden to wash their face or do anything in the area of ​​the spring because the spring is the main water source for the surrounding population.

11 Teletubbies Hills

The green scenery with rows of grass rows makes this place same as Teletubbies Hill.

The wind here is very cool because indeed Nusa Penida is an island in the highlands.

To arrive at this destination you don’t need to do trekking because the car can directly access this spot even though the streets are rocky and narrow. You only need to walk a few steps to the best spot for photos.

12 Pulau Seribu

Indeed, Thousand Islands and Atuh Beach are in the adjacent area. While the Thousand Islands and King Lima are the same location but the spot names are distinguished. The difference is, in the spot of King Lima we can take a picture with the statue next to us.

Thousand Islands Nusa Penida is like Raja Ampat in Balinese style because of its beauty and similar shape.

No wonder if visitors try to get to this spot while already on Nusa Penida. Be careful of every movement here because of the limited space for movement.

13 Raja Lima

As I explained before, the object you are about to photograph is the same as on Thousand Islands, the rocks that form like small islands like Raja Ampat, but the difference is you can take photos with different angles.

The beauty of the islands is very clear because this spot is on a high hill. That’s why it takes a struggle to get to this place and of course don’t waste the chance huh!

14 Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is equally beautiful from other beaches. In order to reach this beach you have to fight down hundreds of steep steps.

Although this beach is in an area that is difficult to reach, you can find a number of shops selling drinks and food here. Each shop also provides tables and chairs for every visitor who stops by.

The sea water is turquoise and the sand is also clean and smooth. You can snorkel here, but you have to be careful because the waves on this beach are quite large.

15 Tree House of Molenteng

This Tree House is located in the area of ​​Pulau Seribu, Raja Lima, and Pantai Atuh. Being on a hill you will see the beauty of the sea and the small islands around it. You only need to prepare excellent stamina so you can trek here.

Not only can you take pictures, you can also stay with a capacity of up to 5 people. If you only want to take pictures, the fee will be IDR 10,000 per person.

16 Suwehan Beach

Suwehan Beach has unique characteristics compared to other beaches on Nusa Penida. His trademark is on a sharp triangular shaped stone resembling a volcom brand, no wonder another name for this beach is Volcom Beach. But the local residents gave the name of the stone Jineng Stone.

This beach has very white and clean sand, besides this beach is the most difficult to reach because access is still very difficult compared to other beaches in Nusa Penida.

No wonder when arriving at this beach you seem to be on a private beach because there are still few visitors who reach it plus a combination of blue sea and white sand makes you feel at home here for long.

17 Manta Point

For those who like diving, you can do this sport in Tanjung Pandan, Nusa Penida. There are cliffs formed from limestone known as Manta Point.

This location attracts so many interests of tourists who like to dive because they can find Manta Pari friendly throughout the year.

Besides that there are so many plankton which are the food of birds. You only need to be quiet and calm so that the Manta will not be near and surround you as long as you invite to play.

A better chance when you dive in the dry season. At that time you can see the sunfish in the deeper Manta Point area.


Now, after looking at the photos and reading 17 interesting destinations, are you ready to explore this beautiful island? Prepare your time and plan your trip to explore the natural beauty of God’s creation.

Don’t forget, keep the environment clean and don’t damage the beauty of the existing environment. Remember also to keep the rules that have been made by local residents. Happy traveling guys! ?



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