The Terrace River Pool Swing is located approximately 20 minutes’ drive from Ubud which is about an hour’s drive North of Kuta. The park has different thrill-seeking activities that you can choose from including three swings. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, then you have come to the right place.

1. Super Extreme swing is the highest one which about 25 meters from the ground. You will enjoy a beautiful view and like fly in the sky when you try it.
2. Couple swing is the medium one which about 20 meters from the ground. In this swing you can try the swing together with your partner or friend.
3. Extreme Swing is the lowest one which about 15 meters from the ground. This swing is the favorite one for children and people who scare about high.

Prices for swings:


  1. Extreme – IDR 150K
  2. Super Extreme – IDR 200K
  3. Couple – IDR 300K

Express, no Queue

  1. Extreme – IDR 250K
  2. Super Extreme – IDR 300K
  3. Couple – IDR 450K

In Terrace River Pool Swing also you can try the Luwak Coffee with additional IDR 50,000/cup. and FREE for trying any local coffees. And also we have Coffee Store if you want to buy Packed Luwak Coffee as your souvenirs.


IDR 150,000 / Person
insurance covered

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